With proper maintenance, wood will last a lifetime.

Cutting and food preparation surfaces made of solid hardwood butcher block are food-safe, cutlery-friendly and will endure a lifetime of use when properly maintained. Think of the butcher block in your neighborhood meat market. It’s probably decades old and gets even better with age.
If you’re considering purchasing or already own a Wood Welded butcher block product, here are some helpful maintenance tips:

1) Before use, oil the cutting surface with food grade mineral oil or Emmet’s Elixir, an all-natural, anti-microbial wood conditioner. The board or block was oiled during construction, but may have dried during storage and shipping.

2) Be sure to coat the top, bottom, ends and edges of the block every time you oil it. Apply oil often, especially when the block appears to be dry.

3) DO NOT submerse the board in water. Instead, clean it with a wet cloth or sponge using a mild liquid detergent. You can use a disinfecting cleanser or a mixture of 1 tsp. chlorine bleach to 1 quart of water. Rinse well. Do not use powder cleanser.

4) Allow the board to dry in a rack or with the board standing on edge to ensure sufficient air flow all the way around the board.

5) To increase the life of the board, flip it over and use both sides.

When determining how often to oil a block, the general rule of thumb is once a day for a week upon purchase; once a week for a month; and once a month forever. The block should be oiled whenever the woods starts to look dry and chalky.

Butcher Block Conditioner