About Butcher Block

Manufacturing processes that are eco-excellent.

Every year we fashion 8,000,000 board feet of hardwood into butcher block of beauty and function. So, respect for our resources comes naturally. Our eye on sustainability and low-impact manufacturing are the reasons we’ll be into wood for good.


Sustainable harvesting

Our forest stewardship team manages company-owned tracts of land. With sensible harvesting and managed re-growth, we maintain the land in as close to the original condition as possible.

No wood waste

The scrap and sawdust generated in the production process is burned to heat our plant and fire our kilns.

VOC-free finishes and adhesives

Our state-of-the-art finish and formaldehyde-free glue produces no Volatile Organic Compounds.

Extended product lifecycle

In a disposable world, butcher block, when properly maintained, will last a lifetime. Tops can be resurfaced, repurposed or recycled.

Minimally processed

Relative to many complex, highly-processed modern materials, solid hardwood butcher block requires less energy to produce.

Reduced shipping

With Bally Block Co. in the east and Michigan Maple Block Co. in the midwest, shipping distance and thus fossil fuel use is greatly reduced.

With proper maintenance, wood will last a lifetime.

Cutting and food preparation surfaces made of solid hardwood butcher block are food-safe, cutlery-friendly and will endure a lifetime of use when properly maintained. Think of the butcher block in your neighborhood meat market. It’s probably decades old and gets even better with age.


If you’re considering purchasing or already own a Wood Welded butcher block product, here are some helpful maintenance tips:

1) Before use, oil the cutting surface with food grade mineral oil or Emmet’s Elixir, an all-natural, anti-microbial wood conditioner. The board or block was oiled during construction, but may have dried during storage and shipping.

2) Be sure to coat the top, bottom, ends and edges of the block every time you oil it. Apply oil often, especially when the block appears to be dry.

3) DO NOT submerse the board in water. Instead, clean it with a wet cloth or sponge using a mild liquid detergent. You can use a disinfecting cleanser or a mixture of 1 tsp. chlorine bleach to 1 quart of water. Rinse well. Do not use powder cleanser.

4) Allow the board to dry in a rack or with the board standing on edge to ensure sufficient air flow all the way around the board.

5) To increase the life of the board, flip it over and use both sides.

When determining how often to oil a block, the general rule of thumb is once a day for a week upon purchase; once a week for a month; and once a month forever. The block should be oiled whenever the woods starts to look dry and chalky.

For over 125 years, we’ve been rooted deep in maple country.

And that’s where we plan to stay. You see, unlike so many companies today who outsource their manufacturing overseas, we genuinely believe in our people, products and processes.

They are the reason the Wood Welded Companies of Michigan Maple Block and Bally Block endure as the oldest and largest manufacturer of butcher block in the world.


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From counter-tops and cutting boards to industrial and food-service bench tops, we are experts in crafting nature’s solid surface into objects of beauty and function.

We welcome you try our products and witness why, we at the Wood Welded Companies will be into wood for good.

Our craftsmen continue to pioneer new fabrication methods. Our products are some of the most beautiful and hardwearing available anywhere. And our processes, like utilizing 100% of our waste wood to heat our plant and fire our kilns, are why we remain a solid American company.

When you’re in business over 125 years, you witness products, materials and trends in constant flux. Funny thing is, through it all, wood has stood strong. Its warmth, durability and functionality are timeless. Maybe it’s because what living brings in, sandpaper takes out. Or perhaps it’s our inherent human affinity to all things natural. Whatever it is, wood just works.

Counter tops to kitchen islands, butcher block is a natural expression of beauty, taste and timelessness.

Used alone or as a compliment to tile, granite, solid surface, concrete or laminates, the timeless warmth and durability of solid wood butcher block is a welcome addition to any kitchen design plan.

Wood Welded Butcher Block counter tops are offered in a range of sizes, styles and species, offering full flexibility to fit into your kitchen design plan.