Wood Welded wood cutting board


For the best surface in food preparation, insist on the original Wood Welded butcher block cutting board. Crafted of solid edge-grain hardwood, they are durable, food-safe and cutlery-friendly. Available in a variety of sizes for any food prep application, Wood Welded boards are essential equipment in every home kitchen.

Wood Welded wood cutting board

Chopping Blocks

Round out your kitchen collection with an original Wood Welded chopping block. The perfect balance of beauty and function, these solid hardwood blocks promise a lifetime of performance with our exclusive end-grain Wood Welded lamination process.

Chop, cleave, slice— even serve, these blocks boast a superior cutting surface that’s easy on even your best blades.

Wood Welded wood conditioner


Wood Welded butcher block, nature’s original solid surface, promises a lifetime of performance with proper care.

Our easy-to-use maintenance products are formulated to protect and restore solid hardwood boards, blocks and other wood kitchen utensils.

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